Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holla to the Hose

So, as much as I have preached cloth diapers to my family, my very own brother and his wife refuse to cloth diaper. My brother lovingly reminds me that he doesn't want to have a "hose" in his house. I tell him that it's a bidet, not a hose! Sounds classier in my opinion.

Things weren't so classy one weekend this past summer, however. I somehow got myself involved with a poopy diaper and an outdoor garden hose. My husband and I were spending the weekend at my in-laws' house and my daughter did her usual stinky. Initially, I just told myself that I would throw it in the wet bag and take care of it when we got home. I then thought to myself that I didn't want to let it just sit for another 24 hours. I'm definitely not a "dunker" when it comes to poopy diapers and the toilet, so the only other thing I could think of was to use the outdoor garden hose - which is certainly not the indoor bidet I was used to. So, there I was back behind the bushes hosing my daughter's poop off into the mulch, all the while my sweet father-in-law is assuring me that "it's a great fertilizer for the plants." I'm pretty sure they think their son married a nut.

And so, this blog goes out to my brother. Let's give a "Holla" to the hoses...and the bidets!