Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Yeast Enemy

So, about four months ago my daughter got herself a nasty diaper rash. After battling it with EVERY diaper cream known to man for a couple months with no improvement, I decided to ask the pediatrician. Conclusion...YEAST RASH! Since then, I've come to find out this is a cloth diapering mama's worst nightmare (although accidentally running a load of diapers through the dryer with a dryer sheet is right up there too in the nightmare category).

After the diagnosis, I rushed to my local pharmacy to pick up the prescribed Nystatin, and started slathering it all over my daughter's bum. Admittedly, my homeopathic, all-natural, "hippieness" went out of the window on this one. Her bum looked like a nuclear attack and yeast was the avenger. Something had to be done.

Within a week, I was rejoicing over my daughter's new and improved bum and was anticipating being able to use her cloth diapers without having to lay down my "barrier" biodegradable liner. Yes, my friends, life was good again.

Well, within a week, I could see the rash reappearing. Back to the Nystatin again. I started to do some research on this and realized that yeast and its spores can harbor in cloth diapers and that they must be disinfected. Something I didn't really realize. So, in researching all the methods of disinfecting, I decided to try a more natural oxygenated bleach (called Biokleen) that contained grapefruit seed extract. Sounds fancy. I washed my diapers in this several times along with my regular cloth diaper detergent and was feeling pretty good. The Nystatin would care of the bum yet again and the Biokleen would take care of the diapers. Problem solved. Wrong!

About two weeks ago, World War III started and my daughter's bum was the battlefield yet again. I now have her back on the Nystatin to clear it up, but am at a loss with what to do with my diapers. I decided I may need to pull out the big guns and try some...dare I say it? BLEACH! I'm not a supporter of bleach - I don't even have any in my home. In fact, I refuse to buy bleach so much so that I went knocking on my 85 year old neighbor's house to borrow some. Rule of thumb: all little old ladies have bleach on hand.

So, I guess I don't have a happy ending to this story yet. My cloth diaper life is rather depressing right now...I'm using Nystatin by the bucket loads, I have my daughter in disposables (GASP!), and am about to poor a product that I can't even pronounce the ingredients all over my wonderful cloth diapers. Yeast, I hate you, but I will win this battle!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Closure Conundrum

Snaps vs. Velcro? That is the question.

I get asked a lot what kind of closure I like on my diapers. Once again, it comes down to preference, but I thought I'd at least provide a more in depth look into the pros and cons of each:


Pros: Harder for the baby to remove, which is more of an issue as your child gets older.

Cons: Sometimes harder to get a more custom fit on the baby as you are "locked in" to the placing of the snaps. Harder to get on a squirming baby or in those moments of sleep deprivation at night.

Velcro (a.k.a hook and loop or aplix)

Pros: Get a better custom fit on your baby. Often easier or makes more sense to caregivers who are less familiar with cloth diapers (i.e. grandparents, daycare, etc.). Closest to the closure of disposable.

Cons: Can wear out over time faster than snaps. With multiple washings, the Velcro tabs can begin to curl and become less "sticky" even with the laundry tabs that are provided to help prevent this. Easier for your child to remove.

So, what do I use you ask? Well, my newborn diapers that I used when my daughter was tiny were made up of Velcro, but my current stash of one-size diapers mostly made up for snaps, but I do have some Velcro on hand for when I'm in the mood.