Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Closure Conundrum

Snaps vs. Velcro? That is the question.

I get asked a lot what kind of closure I like on my diapers. Once again, it comes down to preference, but I thought I'd at least provide a more in depth look into the pros and cons of each:


Pros: Harder for the baby to remove, which is more of an issue as your child gets older.

Cons: Sometimes harder to get a more custom fit on the baby as you are "locked in" to the placing of the snaps. Harder to get on a squirming baby or in those moments of sleep deprivation at night.

Velcro (a.k.a hook and loop or aplix)

Pros: Get a better custom fit on your baby. Often easier or makes more sense to caregivers who are less familiar with cloth diapers (i.e. grandparents, daycare, etc.). Closest to the closure of disposable.

Cons: Can wear out over time faster than snaps. With multiple washings, the Velcro tabs can begin to curl and become less "sticky" even with the laundry tabs that are provided to help prevent this. Easier for your child to remove.

So, what do I use you ask? Well, my newborn diapers that I used when my daughter was tiny were made up of Velcro, but my current stash of one-size diapers mostly made up for snaps, but I do have some Velcro on hand for when I'm in the mood.