Monday, October 21, 2013

Brand Spotlight: Best Bottoms and Planet Wise

I think, if forced to choose, Anna will tell you that Best Bottoms are her favorite diapering brand. They’re unique for sure! Here are a few reasons why…

Best Bottoms is a privately owned brand, with a husband-and-wife team at the helm. The owners work hard to ensure that the diapers are user-friendly, high-quality, and responsibly made.

Best Bottoms is a two-part (or all-in-two) diapering system which consists of a waterproof cover (shell) and snap-in inserts. Inserts can be changed out as needed, and shells only need to be washed when soiled. Best Bottoms shells come in TONS of great colors and prints, and are one-sized, meaning they’re designed to fit from birth to 35 pounds. Inserts are sized for better fit and performance.

Best Bottoms also makes training pants (stay tuned for more info in a separate blog post)!

Did you know that Best Bottom Diapers are a part of Planet Wise, Inc.?

Planet Wise is a company best known for its wet bags (used to hold dirty/stinky diapers until laundry day). We highly recommend them here at MSDC!

Planet Wise is not just about wet bags, though! They have many different product lines, including snack bags, changing pads, and nursing covers. Check them out!

Feel free to order online, or stop in to the store sometime. We’d be happy to introduce you to Best Bottoms and Planet Wise… great brands, indeed!

Thanks for reading,