Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brand Spotlight: Sloomb

These may be my very favorite diapers. Why? Because they are so stinkin' soft! These diapers make me want to be un-potty-trained*

*Not really, people.


Sloomb has a fantastic line of diapers and wool covers, and their site offers accessories, clothing, body care, and even baby carriers! Their cloth diapers are made by hand in Denver, CO, and workers are paid fair wages and care about the product. Most fabric is sourced from sustainable or organic crops. They're hip people. Check them out, here! Be sure to listen to the happy little song halfway down the page. I dare you not to smile.

The Sloomb/sustainablebabyish line is known for function (outstanding absorbency) and comfort (like I said... so soft). We carry their Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitteds, Snapless Multi Fitteds, Wool Covers, and Lanolin.

If you're at all near our shop in Lancaster, PA, please stop in and feel these delightful diapers! (Excuse the crazy sales associate rubbing them on her cheeks and ahhhhing.) You can also buy Sloomb products through our online store.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Need a little extra convincing? For each sustainablebabyish diaper you buy, a tree is planted in Southeast Asia.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for a blog post all.about.wool.