Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cloth Wipes: Yes, you definitely should.

I've noticed something along the way on my cloth diapering journey. Lots of folks will willingly (sometimes even eagerly) use cloth diapers, but they balk at the idea of cloth wipes.

My husband was one of those. I get it. It may seem gross to you, but let's stop and consider for a moment. Cloth wipes are thicker and softer. You won't feel the poop through the wipe like you will with disposables (sorry to be gross, but we are talking about diapers). Cloth wipes are safer for your baby. No chemicals, just soft, natural fibers. And cloth wipes are easier on your wallet. Buy them once, that's all, and wash them along with your diapers! (Side note: this means you won't have to throw your wipes away separately when changing a diaper...much more convenient.)

Cloth wipes can simply be used with water or you can add scents using a cloth wipes solution.

Here's how we use our cloth wipes:

1. We place clean wipes, folded, in a disposable wipes container (you could use whatever container you wish, or even a wipes warmer). Here's how we fold them so they "pop up" like disposables (I used Thirsties Fab Wipes for this example):

2. We mix a cloth wipes solution with hot water, then pour over folded wipes in the container. You could also use a spray, like Thirsties Booty Luster.

3. We change the water/solution frequently to keep it fresh.

That's it! Wipes get washed and dried right along with your diapers (see our post about washing here). Stay tuned for a post about traveling with cloth (diapers and wipes)!

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P.S. Check out our selection of cloth wipes in store, or see them online here.