Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Simplest Way to Wash Cloth Diapers

I'd say the number one question I (Erin) get about cloth diapers is... "How do you wash them?" and I try to keep my answer as simple as possible. The truth is, it's easy to wash cloth diapers. Here's my basic routine:

1. Store wet/rinsed cloth diapers in a wet bag or pail with liner. No need to use water in your pail. (Note: all solids should dunked/sprayed off prior to storing, with the exception of exclusively breast-fed poop, which is water-soluble.)

2. Dump in washing machine. Do a rinse or quick wash on cold with no detergent. (Hot water can seal in stains, so we recommend cold for the initial rinse.)

3. Wash again, hot and heavy, with detergent.

4. Extra rinse (or two), just in case.

5. Hang dry, or dry in machine.

Some loads will require extra rinsing. More or less detergent can be used, depending on the brand of diaper, soil level, load size, and detergent type. You'll find what works for you! Just trust us... it's not as hard as it may seem! And we'd be happy to help.

Contact us now (or stay tuned for later postings) if you need help with wash-day troubleshooting.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Some brands do have their own washing instructions which, when not followed, may void your warranty. Please check before settling on a wash routine.