Friday, October 18, 2013

Wool, and how not to be overwhelmed

For a long time, I was afraid of wool. In cloth diapering, that is. I know it can seem expensive, and complicated. But the truth is, wool offers many unique benefits. And it doesn't have to be tricky to care for! Here's a basic tutorial on using wool for diapering:

Benefits: Wool is very soft and comfortable. Because it helps regulate temperature, it can actually help keep babies cool in hot weather (and, of course, warm in cold weather). It's also incredibly absorbent; it's able to absorb about 1/3 of its weight in moisture. But that moisture immediately evaporates into the air... leaving cover (and baby) nice and dry.  It's soft, stretchy (without losing its shape), and very breathable... making it an excellent option for cloth diapering!

Easy Care: Yes, you read that right. The steps to washing wool are simple, once you understand them. And wool only needs to be washed every couple of weeks (unless soiled). It's naturally antibacterial, so any urine smell will disappear as it evaporates and dries (if the smell remains... it's time to wash).

Here are a few helpful links I've found:

A detailed post on "Why Wool?" from Real Diaper Association

A YouTube video tutorial: Washing and Lanolizing a Wool Cover

Sustainablebabyish on Wool Care

When you're ready to try wool for yourself, stop in to see our selection of Sustainablebabyish wool covers (oh, the gorgeous colors)... OR order online! Don't forget your wool wash and lanolin!

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