Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Defend Cloth Diapers *and* Keep Your Friends

The holidays are fast approaching!

For many of us, this means time spent with friends and family members we may not see regularly. And for many of us (cloth diapering parents), this means discussion about our diapers.

I remember many a family gathering where my diapers took a verbal beating. ("But why would you want to do that?" or "It's gross... you reuse those?") The funny thing is, much of this talk came from moms and grandmas who had cloth-diapered their own kids! (Tell me I'm not the only one.)

I thought it'd be helpful to remind us all why we chose to cloth diaper (and perhaps help us communicate that nicely to well-meaning-yet-critical-souls). Of course, if your friends and family are supper supportive (yay!), it's still helpful to be reminded once in a while! 

Here, in simple terms, are the reasons many of us chose cloth diapers:

  • They Save Us A Lot Of Money. The average American household spends $2,000.00 on diapers per child (according to Consumer Reports). A full stash of one-sized all-in-ones will cost under $500 (and that's one of the most expensive ways to do cloth)! These can be re-used for multiple children, making the savings even greater.

  • We Care About Our Planet. No, we're not all tree-huggers and not all of us use baking soda deodorant or clay toothpaste (If you do, rock on). BUT did you know that one disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose (EPA estimate)?  Honestly? Cloth Diapering is Good Stewardship of the Earth. 

  • It's Good For (insert baby's name here). Wouldn't you rather have this on your bum than plastic? Plus, my kid is less likely to get diaper rash, and more likely to potty train sooner! I love having the soft, natural fibers against his/her skin! 

In all things, remember to speak kindly, with grace and lots of encouragement! You just may find that some of your more critical relatives will soon be asking you how to get started with cloth (true story)! 

Have a happy, cloth-diaper-filled Holiday season!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Traveling for the Holidays? 5 Tips for Cloth Diapering On the Go

The Holiday season is upon us! If you, like us, plan on traveling a bunch, we've got some tips to make it just a little easier (diaper-wise, that is)!

1. Disposable Inserts: At just under $6.00 for 18 inserts, these little gems can't be beat! They contain no dyes or fragrances, and they are certified free of harmful substances. Just lay these inside any diaper system or cover, and dispose of them when soiled!

2. Flushable Liners: Looking for convenient clean-up, but desire to keep cloth on the bum? We recommend a thin, soft liner like this. Simply flush when soiled (you'll still have to use a new diaper with each change).

3. Wet Bags: These come in many different sizes and are fabulous for cloth diapering on-the-go. For everyday diaper bag use, medium is perfect. For longer travel, we recommend a wet/dry bag or a hanging wet/dry bag (think: guest rooms, hotels, etc.).

4. The Joy of Samples: No one likes lugging along a full-size bag of detergent, or a giant tub of CJ's. Here at MSDC, we have convenient sample sizes that are perfect for travel! Check out our "fun-sized" products here.

5. Let it Go: Is the song running through your head yet? Is that just me? Anyway, Holidays are meant to be FUN! Don't let diaper duty stress you out; be sure to do what works best for your crew. Feel like buying a pack of 'sposies for the road? We won't judge.

Have a safe and happy Holiday season, everyone.

Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Stamp Out Diaper Rash *Without* Ruining Your Diapers

Oh, Mama. I see you.

You started using cloth diapers believing that your child would never have to experience diaper rash. And then? There it was. So now you want to know how to fix it without ruining those diapers!

First thing first: Let's get to the root of that rash. Here are a few things that could be causing it:

  • ammonia build-up: Does your little one's bum look bright red (think sunburn) where the insert touches him/her? Do your eyes water when you change a diaper because of the ammonia smell? It's probably time to strip your diapers. We recommend "Rocking a Soak" with Funk Rock, or stripping with RLR (a customer favorite)! There are many methods for stripping; see what you think will work for you! (Here are a few tips for preventing ammonia build-up in the future.)
  • yeast: Does your child have a persistent rash that hasn't gone away, despite your efforts? Is it a strong, beefy, well-defined red? Please see a health care professional! You may be dealing with yeast. Wash all of your diapers, inserts, wipes, etc., and try Mother Love Diaper Rash and Thrush Salve or CJ's Butter PLUS. If you're dealing with out-of-control yeast, here are some more helpful tips.

  • simple fixes: Try changing baby more often, using a microfleece or flushable liner (to wick away moisture), or letting baby "air out" diaper-free occasionally.

Alright, now let's talk about some cloth-safe creams for the everyday/occasional rash that occurs! Believe it or not, there are lots of options!

All of these options are cloth-diaper safe, and most have lots of other uses.

We wish you many rash-free, soft-bottomed, cloth-diapering days.

Has this post been helpful for you? What are your best tips for fighting (or avoiding) diaper rash??

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There's a New Diaper in Town: Thirsties One-Sized All-in-One

If you've met me (Erin) in-store or chatted with me online, you may already know that I am a huge Thirsties fan. So it only makes sense that my return to blogging begins with a spotlight on the new Thirsties One-Sized All-in-One!

Thirsties is perhaps best known for their "duo" sizing (size one and size two), and I really like that about them! But, like all successful companies, they've decided to try something new. The result, in my opinion, is fabulous: an adorable, easy to use diaper that fits most babies from 8 to 40 pounds.

What (you may ask) is the difference between this and the old Duo All-in-One? Aside from being one-sized, this diaper is 40% more absorbent and dries three times faster. (Should I say that again, mamas? Three times faster.) In fact, Thirsties claims it's the fastest-drying diaper they've ever created!

What are you waiting for? Grab one here and try it for yourself; We're excited to hear what you think!

PS: Check out a review of this diaper (and our shop) over at The Simple Moms! (Hint: They're giving one away!)