Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Traveling for the Holidays? 5 Tips for Cloth Diapering On the Go

The Holiday season is upon us! If you, like us, plan on traveling a bunch, we've got some tips to make it just a little easier (diaper-wise, that is)!

1. Disposable Inserts: At just under $6.00 for 18 inserts, these little gems can't be beat! They contain no dyes or fragrances, and they are certified free of harmful substances. Just lay these inside any diaper system or cover, and dispose of them when soiled!

2. Flushable Liners: Looking for convenient clean-up, but desire to keep cloth on the bum? We recommend a thin, soft liner like this. Simply flush when soiled (you'll still have to use a new diaper with each change).

3. Wet Bags: These come in many different sizes and are fabulous for cloth diapering on-the-go. For everyday diaper bag use, medium is perfect. For longer travel, we recommend a wet/dry bag or a hanging wet/dry bag (think: guest rooms, hotels, etc.).

4. The Joy of Samples: No one likes lugging along a full-size bag of detergent, or a giant tub of CJ's. Here at MSDC, we have convenient sample sizes that are perfect for travel! Check out our "fun-sized" products here.

5. Let it Go: Is the song running through your head yet? Is that just me? Anyway, Holidays are meant to be FUN! Don't let diaper duty stress you out; be sure to do what works best for your crew. Feel like buying a pack of 'sposies for the road? We won't judge.

Have a safe and happy Holiday season, everyone.