Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How to Cloth Diaper with Flats (Even if They Intimidate You)

There are a lot of reasons to love flat diapers. They're wildly inexpensive, super easy to wash and dry, and one size can take you from newborn to potty training!

Unfortunately, many people won't consider them because they seem, well, intimidating. What is one to do with a giant square of cotton? How does this become a usable diaper?

Let us show you!

First of all, you'll want to prep your flats. You can do this by washing/drying 3-5 times in warm water and on high heat. Two things to note here: a) Be sure to wash them separately from any synthetic fibers and b) boiling is also an option. Your diapers should be soft and fluffy (and smaller) when you are finished!

After you've prepped them, they're ready to use! There are many different folds! We'd like to share a few of our favorites (click the links for helpful videos).

Pad Fold:

Jo Fold:

Newborn Fold:

Flats may be secured with pins, Snappis, or Boingos. Some people recommend pins, because Snappis or Boingos may "grip" the whole way through the cloth. Just something to be aware of (I, Erin, use a Snappi).

After the diaper is on the baby, it'll need to be covered with a waterproof cover. Some of our favorites are Thirsties, Flip, Rumparooz (newborn and one-sized), and Blueberry. You could also use a wool cover!

Flats are easy to wash. They're possibly the most "forgiving" diapering option as you're figuring out a wash routine. You can put them in the dyer OR they line-dry very quickly!

Do you use flats at your house? What's your favorite fold?

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