Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mulberry Mama's Top 10 Diaper Accessories

In our last post, we talked about the bare minimum you'd need to cloth diaper. Maybe it helped you relax and feel a little less overwhelmed?

Today, it's time to add on! We're talking accessories. There are many products out there that can make diapering simpler, cleaner, and more fun... and we'd love to share them with you!

Here they are! Mulberry Street's Top 10 Diaper Accessories (in no particular order):

1. Liners and Doublers: These are really two distinct things. Liners (disposable or reusable) lay on top of your diapers and against baby's skin. These will help to a) lessen the mess/clean up required and b) wick moisture away from baby's delicate skin. Doublers are inserts which, when added to a diaper, increase absorbency. We carry many different kinds of doublers like these, these, and these.

2. Diaper Cream: Diaper cream acts as a barrier to protect sensitive skin. It can also be used to help clear up the occasional rash. Make sure it's cloth diaper safe!

3. Snappis and Boingos: These are used in place of pins for diapers like prefolds, flats, and some fitteds.

4. Diaper Sprayer: Many cloth diapering families consider this a necessity! It attaches to your toilet and works much like the spray handle on your kitchen sink. You use it to spray messes from your diapers (read: no more dunking and swishing)! We carry a couple of different versions.

5. Spray Pal: This is a new product for us here at MSDC, but it's a popular one! No more splashes and splatters when you use your diaper sprayer! Check out a fun video about it here.

6. Diaper Dawgs: If the idea of touching poop stresses you out, this is a product for you! Diaper Dawgs are an adorable pair of tiny silicone finger-guards. They're especially great for removing soiled inserts from pocket diapers!

7. Wipes Solution: Although you can certainly use just water with your cloth wipes, many moms and dads like to increase cleaning power with a wipes solution. We currently carry Thirsties and Eco Sprout brands (which smell wonderful).

8. Stain Remover/RLR: Do your diapers need to be refreshed? Buncha Farmers is a fabulous stain remover! And it's not just for diapers! RLR is a customer favorite both for brightening/freshening up and for stripping stinky diapers.

9. Dryer Balls: Again, not just for diapers! Dryer balls will shorten your drying time while naturally softening your laundry (diapers included).

10. Training Pants: As your child eases out of cloth diapers, you do NOT have to resort to paper/plastic training pants! Here at MSDC, we carry Best Bottoms and Blueberry brand trainers. Simply wash and reuse!

So... There you have it! Is there anything you would add to this list?